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Can I build from plans?

Yes.  Makelan sells Plans for the Hatz Classic Biplane.  However if building from plans the builder will need adequate welding and wood working skills and tools.  In addition a number of fixtures are recommended to facilitate accurate construction.

Is the Hatz Classic suited for first time builder?

If the builder has average mechanical skills and tools the Hatz Classic kit is a good choice.  Nothing about the construction of the kit is overly complicated.  Due to the fact that it is a biplane, and somewhat larger than many other “Kit Planes”, there is more to build.  There is more work to complete.

How long will it take?

There is no good answer to this FAQ.  Some factors that influence time requirements are, amount of space available,  skill level of builder and resources available to builder.  A good average build time would be 2 1/2 to 3 years for a person working on the project a few nights per week and a couple of weekends per month.

How much space do I need?

Much of the project can be built in an average garage or basement.  The ribs, center section and wings can be easily constructed and assembled in a relatively  small amount of space.  However once the wings are completed and ready to connect to the fuselage the project will require hanger space.

How much will it cost?/What is not included?

In addition to the Kit supplied by Makelan, the builder will need to supply hardware, engine and prop, avionics, fabric and paint, tires and wheels, and flying wires.  The total cost of the project will be approximately 55 k.  Assuming the builder does some shopping for a used engine and other components.  Makelan does not supply fabric and paint, hardware or flying wires because we cannot get any better price on these items than the builder can.  Also these items may be purchased as they are needed.   Items not supplied with the kit will be clearly indicated on the plans, for example “AN” numbers of all bolts and quanities required.

What engine do I use?

The engine of choice is the Lycoming 0-320 with a dynafocal mount.  This engine is common in many production aircraft.  The prop can be found on aircraft such as Piper Cherokee or Tri-Pacer/Pacer.

Is the Hatz classic easy to fly?

The Hatz Classic uses a Clark Y airfoil.  This is almost identical the the airfoil used in the Piper Cub and Super Cub wing.  These planes are known for their good  low speed, high lift qualites.  With an 0-320 and an average load, the Hatz Classic will stall just over 40 mph, making landing speeds very low.  The Hatz Classic is of course a taildragger and standard tailwheel skills will be needed.  However with such low landing speeds the Hatz Classic is as easy as any tailwheel aircraft to operate.

How do I get started?

A deposit of $10,000. US is required to secure a Complete Hatz Classic Kit.  Upon receipt of this deposit, the Wing Package #1 of the Wing Kit is shipped (via UPS) to the builder.  This package can usually be shipped from stock for immediate delivery.  This first wing package supplies all the materials required to complete the ribs and center section.  This is the best place to begin for several reasons.  For one, it requires the least amount of space to assemble.  Also, while the builder is assembling ribs, the fuselage is under construction   The rib and center section components are combined in the same package to allow the builder to work on both simultaneously.  This provides opportunity to work on the center section while glue is curing on a rib in the fixture.  After eight weeks the second deposit of  $10,000. US is required.  When that deposit is received the builder will be sent (via freight service due to the excessive lenght) the Wing Package #2 of the Wing Kit.  With the arrival of the this package the wing construction begins.  Then in eight weeks from delivery of the Wing Package #2 the Fuselage and Accessory Kit are ready.   At that time the builder can take delivery of  the Fuselage and Accessory Kit at Makelan’s facility in Texas and pay the balance due of $6,000. US.  The Fuselage and Accessory kits can be transported using a pickup truck or Makelan Corporation will deliver via our truck at competitive prices.   This  is usually less expensive than crating and commercial freight costs. 

 Can I buy it in stages?

All of the components supplied by Makelan Corporation are available separately.  The cost of purchasing each item separately will be somewhat higher than if the items were purchased as listed in the packages.

How does the Hatz Classic differ from the CB-1?

The short answer is the Hatz Classic is a more refined version of the CB-1.    The Hatz Classic has a more rounded fuselage exterior.  This is accomplished using wooden formers and stringers to produce the fuller shape, which is more reminiscent of the Biplanes of the 30’s.  To further duplicate the vintage look, the Hatz Classic has fabric covered gear legs,  aluminum ailerons, slight dihedral in the upper wing, and reshaped wing tip bows  styled after the Waco Biplanes.  Other differences which are less cosmetic and more tangible are;  The Hatz Classic’s use of push pull tubes in place of the cable system for aileron and elevator control, lengthen cockpits and more reclined seats, lengthened gear legs and increased fuel capacity due to the use of the larger, heavier 0-320 in the Hatz Classic, and high pressure brake system controllable from both the rear and  front cockpits.

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