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Items furnished in this package are supplied sandblasted and powder coated.

This package does not include hardware or rod end bearings.


The Fuselage Kit parts are produced from 4130 steel sheet and tubing. The majority of parts produced from sheet steel are cut using a computer controlled (CNC) laser or waterjet (depending on their application).  The part is first drawn on a computer assisted design (CAD) program.  This information is then sent to a sheet metal fabrication shop that operates the laser.  The parts produced this way are very accurate.  Average tolerance for this type of part is +/-.002.   The combination of using a large steel welding fixture for all connection points on the fuselage, and accurate wing fittings, help the kit fit together well.

      Prior to welding, all tubes of the fuselage are drilled to allow passage of anti-corrosin fluid within the welded structure.  Having all of the tubes interconnected in such a way permits the entire structure to be pressurized.   This is a very efficient method of checking that all of the welds are 100% complete.  All components are TIG welded and locally stress relieved.  After which, all parts are thoroughly sandblasted, and powder coated.  The color most often chosen is a off-white or almond.  Almost any color is available, usually at no additional charge.

The Fuselage Kit Contains:

  • welded fuselage frame 
  • cabanes
  • interplane and slave struts
  • horizontal stabilizer
  • elevator with trim tab
  • trim handle
  • rudder
  • rudder pedals
  • front cockpit brake linkage
  • engine mount
  • seats
  • landing gear legs
  • spring struts
  • lower cabane vee
  • elevator control linkage
  • torque tube
  • control sticks
  • flying wire attachment lugs

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