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This kit does not include hardware, drag-anti drag wire terminals, rod end bearings for aileron linkage or adhesives.


The parts in the Wood Wing Kit are produced using precision wood fabrication equipment.  The leading and trailing edge molding are produced by running selected blanks through multi-headed molding machines.  A dedicated cutter is ground to produce each particular shape needed.  Parts made from plywood sheets are cut on a duplicating router, which make very accurate copies.  The wing tip bows and  the bow that forms the trailing edge of the center section, are formed in a large gluing press.  Using this type of equipment and techniques, the components supplied with the Wood Wing Kit will assemble with the minimal amount of fitting.  Spar attachment fittings and compression tubes are suplied finished and powder coated.

The Wood Wing Kit contains:

Rib Assembly Materials

1/4 Sitka Spruce truss members/cap strip for 36 each standard ribs and 4 each end ribs,   1/4 plywood nose pieces, 40 each,   1/4 plywood trailing edge pieces, 40 each,   1/16 plywood gussets cut to shape

Center Section Materials

front and rear spar,  2 solid 1/4 plywood ribs,  complete set of center section ribs,  leading edge molding,  laminated trailing edge bow,  1/4 plywood for bottom,  1/16 plywood for tailing section top, bottom and leading section D cell,  spar attachment fittings,  compression tubes,  fuel tank

Wing Completion Materials

wing spars planed and milled to size and ready for assembly,  1/4 plywood doublers sized, drilled and beveled, 32 each,  aileron spars, 2 right and 2 left,  leading edge molding and trailing edge molding,  wing bows, 2 right and 2 left,  1/8 plywood nose ribs to support D cell for 4 wing panels,  wing walk reinforcement members,  miscellaneous reinforcement members,  spar attachment fittings,  compression tubes,  drag-anti-drag wires,  aileron assembley kit and linkage


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